Club Story

The Female Amateur Basketball Association of Biassono was founded on summer 1970 thanks to the intuition of Antonio Marchini that will later become a historical president. In almost 44 years he achieved excellent results especially as concerns the youth sector which was the actual mission of the white-and-red club.

Once Antonio passed away, the daughter Patrizia started to manage it all with the collaboration of Emanuele Beretta and Paolo Riva; the BFB club landed in A2 series and reached a spot in the play-off valid for the qualification to A1 series as best result ever. Participations in the National Finale with the youth teams are uncountable: the Under 15 team, in fact,recently placed third in the Finale in Viterbo in 2013. Currently the BFB has a team in A2 made up by players who basically come from the Under 19 and Uner 17 teams, the only player who is considered “senior” is the twenty-one-year-old Colombo.

The Under 19 team reached the inter-regional phase and so did the Under 17 and Under 15 teams (they both are occupying the first place in the standings of their own categories in Lombardia region which is the leading area in Italy as regards basketball), while Under 14 and Under 13 teams are achieving good results in their respective regional championships.

Since 2013 BFB has been cooperating and working in partnership with Mens Sana Siena, one of the most winning clubs in Italy (8 national championship, 7 of them won in a row) :

The deal is about a continuous exchange of experiences between the two staffs and the prosecution of the Basketball Generation project.

Over the last games of the current season the BFB teams (all the different categories) have been wearing the same uniforms used by Mens Sana , except for the colors which are white and red as those are the club official ones.

The BFB club has also been doing its part as regards social activities : since 2012 it has been cooperating and promoting the non-profit organization “Cancro Primo Aiuto , (CPA that stands for Cancer First Aid) which supports and help cancer affected people, paying a particular attention to women.

The female players of our team has the spokespersons for the campaign Progetto Parrucca (Wig Project) which provides wigs for free to those women who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Moreover BFB has been supporting Special Olympics for years by organizing practices, games and initiatives that will be shared by mentally disabled people and it has supporting the Opera Don Guanella of Como which hosts emotionally disturbed young people.

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